Cannabis IS Medicine

With a slightly open mind and a little critical thinking, it’s easy to see the TRUTH!

Cannabis IS Medicine!

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Can Cannabis Cure Just About Anything?

Many people want to know, ‘does Cannabis cure cancer’?

Unfortunately, due to the 1939 Cancer Act We are unable to say.

What we can say is, Many people who have used ‘high quality, Indica based, Cannabis Oil‘ (not hemp seed oil) feel they have healed their bodies. Many had ‘terminal’ cancer and were sent home to die by their Doctors.

In desperation they searched for a miracle, some of the lucky one’s discovered Rick Simpson’s┬ácannabis oil, and went on to shock their Doctors by living healthy lives and telling the tale…. ‘Cannabis IS medicine‘.

This website is here to help you on your way to finding quality information on this subject. We are not promoting smoking Cannabis, neither do we frown upon it. We feel people should be free to do as they choose with their own bodies, as long as they are not harming anyone else.

Smokers of Cannabis should know that smoking anything produces tar and therefore is not the best way to consume for medical patients.

Cannabis IS Medicine

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Rick Simpson’s Cannabis Oil, (RSO).

Rick Simpson Phoenix Tears

Phoenix Tears.CA The ONLY genuine Rick Simpson website!

One man stands out above all others in the campaign to re establish Cannabis as medicine, Rick Simpson.

Rick has worked tirelessly since 1997 in order to enable people to heal themselves!

There is only one Rick Simpson website, you can find all the info you need here to make your own Cannabis Oils Extracts Phoenix Tears.CA. The ONLY Rick Simpson website!


We do NOT encourage you to break any laws, we DO encourage you to do some research and then help to change the laws.

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