Cannabis IS Medicine

With a slightly open mind and a little critical thinking, it’s easy to see the TRUTH!

Cannabis IS Medicine!

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Can Cannabis Cure Just About Anything?

Many people want to know, ‘does Cannabis cure cancer’?

Unfortunately, due to the 1939 Cancer Act We are unable to say.

What we can say is, Many people who have used ‘high quality, Cannabis extracts‘ feel they have healed their bodies. Many had ‘terminal’ cancer and were sent home to die by their Doctors.

In desperation they searched for a miracle, some of the lucky one’s discovered  ‘Cannabis extracts’ and went on to shock their Doctors by living healthy lives and telling the tale…. ‘Cannabis IS medicine‘.

This website is here to help you on your way to finding quality information on this subject. We are not promoting smoking Cannabis, neither do we frown upon it. We feel people should be free to do as they choose with their own bodies, as long as they are not harming anyone else.

Smokers of Cannabis should know that smoking anything produces tar and therefore is not the best way to consume for medical patients.

Cannabis IS Medicine

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As a Judge He Put People in Jail for Cannabis Use, But Cannabis Cured His COPD.

Retired Judge Doug Bench from Florida, who put more than 300 people behind bars for marijuana crimes, got the shock of his life when cannabis saved his life from COPD. He now says his past actions haunt him daily. Today, he focuses on educating the public on the medical benefits of cannabis and helps others. This is an episode you don’t want to miss.

Cancer & Health Info

Cancer & Health Info .PDF was put together by a good friend and top researcher, he wishes to remain anonymous and I respect that. The writer is a man of honor and works tirelessly helping sick people, I have learned a lot from him and respect him and his advise, but as always DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!

A lot of research and work went into creating this document, a BIG THANKS to ‘Trigger’, you know who you are friend!

Click the link below to download the PDF file.

Cancer & Health Info .PDF contains active links to videos and resources.

Cancer & Health Info (106 downloads)

Clinical Application of Cannabinoids and Terpenes

Clinical Application of Cannabinoids and Terpenes for Chronic Illnesses.

Authors: Mara Gordon, Stewart Smith

Published on Dec 12, 2015

In this excellent presentation, you will find ways of making your own medicine, and what you need to know about how it works.